Merlin’s Legacy: Daughter of Fire by Quinn Taylor Evans

Cover Art by talented artist: Franco Accornero

Merlin’s Legacy: Daughter of Fire was written by Quinn Taylor Evans.
Zebra Historical Romance Publishers
The beautiful art work is by talented artist Franco Accornero.
Rob Ashton is the Male Cover Model. •

Merlin’s Legacy ~ desktop theme

Merlin’s Legacy desktop theme is from the book “Merlin’s Legacy:
Daughter of Fire” by Quinn Taylor Evans ~ Zebra Historical
Romance ~ Rob Ashton (Cover Model). Theme has extra icons,
hotbars, start up and shut down screens. The wav files are from
“2000 Music Clips” CD of Media Graphics.

This theme is 3.59MB in size. I have two pictures displayed,
because there are two color schemes for each theme. Click on the
links below to download

• Updated version 2.0 ~ May 5, 2002 •

There will be a separate download for “Paranormal 2002” ~ Screen
Saver (5.95MB - Total of 47 pictures).

  Download for

Merlin’s Legacy: Daughter of Fire

by Quinn Taylor Evans

They are the daughters of destiny...born of a kingdom forged in fire and blood, bound by a legacy of magic and love shrouded in the swirling mists of legend...

The Flame

The magic of the ages flows through her blood. She is Vivian of Amesbury, secret daughter of the great sorcerer Merlin. Possessed of the gift of second sight, she is haunted by an ancient curse that prevents her from ever knowing love. Then, in a vision, she sees a magnificent Norman knight riding across a battle-scarred England. And she trembles in fear... and desire.

The Sword

Rorke FitzWarren has come to Amesbury to find the celebrated healer whose powers could save his wounded soverign, William, Duke of Normandy. Although fate has made Rorke and Vivian enemies, from the moment they meet, an unquenchable passion flames to life. On a quest that takes him to a hidden world beyond the mists, Rorke will begin a search for a legendary sword—and battle the forces of darkness to claim Vivian for his own...

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Created April 16, 2002

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